Weight of electronic and harness

In recent decades the electrical system of automobiles and transportation vehicles in general has changed, especially with regard to the content of electronics.

This article is derived in part from Quattroruote of June 2013 (courtesy of Editorial Domus s.p.a., all rights reserved) to demonstrate how electronics and associated harnesses have now a crucial importance and must be handled as best as possible.

The comparison that in this article we present between the first version of the Volkswagen Golf in 1974 and the current edition for sale highlights the complexity of the system of the last series, and as far as, within forty years, have changed the technical content (and costs). The electronics, totally absent on the Golf first series, today is the protagonist with 44 control units - how many are on the versions more equipped - with the new safety devices and their sensors to aid in the guide (radar, cameras, ultrasound, etc.)
The capacity to calculate of  the electronic compartment of a car today is far superior to the systems on board the spacecraft Apollo arrived on the Moon…

Here is the comparison between the two models:
  GOLF I (1974) GOLF VII (2013)
Lenght of harnesses 200 m 1594
Weight of electrical system 5 kg 25
Number of Terminals 170 1443
Connectors 60 289
Electronic control unit 0 44

This comparison highlights the need for a good electrical design and in particular of the harness, fundamental element because it must ensure the electrical communication and it must do for a long period. In technological vehicles as the cars today, the harness is strongly integrated into the bodywork and then its reliability should be maximum: change a control unit or a mechanical piece is easy, find a fault in a harness or replace it no

This article also aims to raise awareness among the companies that design harnesse and electrical systems in general about the importance that this field has become. While the mechanical sector has already won their own size within the design cycle, the electricity sector struggling to do so: for lack of culture and economic resources, in our opinion. Today this is the area to build for more reliable products, easy to maintain in the post-sale.
A designer has said: "the electrical wiring is not considered important because it is an object that cannot be seen". True, very true. Pity that when something does not work becomes important, very important…

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